Future Reservations

What Makes Us Different?

iCars Is An On-Demand and Future Transportation Application That Connects You To Certified Transportation Companies Who Operate
Insured Vehicles, Employ Professional Drivers and Meet All State and Federal Transportation Regulations.


iCars can be booked on-demand or for future reservations through the mobile app.


With just one tap, request a ride now, or tell us the time you want to be picked up in the future.


Track your driver’s ETA in the app. You’ll see a photo of the car so you can find your ride.


When the ride ends, just hop out and your done!

ICars Is a Network Of Certified Transportation Companies, Working Together
To Provide A Higher Level Of Service and Safety For The Public.

  • All drivers that are in the iCars Network are employed by a participating transportation
    provider and undergo rigorous driver training, background checks and drug testing.
  • All vehicles in the iCars Network are owned and operated by participating transportation providers, are
    never more than 3 years old and are meticulously maintained by certified mechanics.
  • The iCars Network is comprised of the leading transportation providers worldwide, all of whom are in good standing, operate TCP Certified vehicles, and at least carry the state minimum insurance requirements.

The ICars Network Operates A Range Of Luxury Vehicles To Meet All Of Your Transportation Needs.

  • Sedan Class vehicles can carry a maximum of 4 passengers and 3 large bags.
  • SUV Class vehicles can carry a maximum of 6 passengers and 5 large bags.
  • Sprinter Class vehicles can carry a maximum of 7 passengers and 6 large bags.